Frequently Asked Questions

You can get help for free charge on 080040040, that is available 24/7, or on email address hello@kujtesa.com, in Web Chat or on Facebook Char which are available from 08:00-00:00 for all our clients.

Monthly payment can be realized in different payment location such as:

WesternUnion, Moneta, Vllesa, Ria, Post, Platforma My Kujtesa, also at our locations that you can find here.

  • Only Internet: 14.50€ | 50Mbps
  • Only Internet: 17.50€ | 70Mbps
  • Only Internet: 21.50€ | 100Mbps

Yes, we have three different services for TV:

  • Only DTV Basic
  • Only DTV Family 
  • Only DTV Premium

Platforma Digitalb përfshihet në 3 pakot aktuale *Duo Familjare, *Duo Familjare Pro dhe *Duo Premium Pro por duhet të theksohet që dallimi është se kanali i Top Channel vlen/përfshihet vetëm në pakon *Duo Familjare Pro dhe *Duo Premium Pro.

41 Kanale Sportive përfshihen në pakon *Duo Familjare Pro dhe *Duo Premium Pro ku janë total 26 Liga të ndryshme si : UEFA Champions League | Premier Liga | Bundes Liga |UEFA Europa League |La Liga | League 1 | French League| Coppa Italia | Uefa Europa Conference League | BFL Germany Cup | Swiss Super League | Turkish Super League | Super League of Kosovo Football | Formula 1 | Moto GP | NBA | Turkish Airlines Euroleague| Lega Basket Series A | Turkish Super League Basketball | Kosovo Basketball Super League | Unique League | Wimbledon | WTA GrandSlam Tennis | One Championship | Judo Championship.
Në pakon Duo Familjare përfshihen 3 Kanale Sportive: Super League of Kosovo Football | Kosovo Basketball Super League.

Big Brother VIP Kosova mundeni me ndjekë në dy pakot PRO: Pako Premium dhe Pako Familjare. Kanalet BigBrotherVIP 1 dhe BigBrotherVIP2 ndodhen në numrat rendorë 25 dhe 26.

If the contract is 6 or 12 months, the connection and the devices come free of charge to the customer service, while the moment the contract is terminated, the devices must be returned to Kujtesa.

The clients who have monthly contract must pay for the equipment and in case of non-payment of the service, the equipment is not returned to Kujtesa.

Kemi 3 Pako që përmbajnë nga 2 resivera me çmimin aktual të pakos:
Pako Duo Familjare – RCV 2 Bazë
Pako Duo Familjare Pro – RCV 2 Bazë

Pako Duo Premium Pro – RCV 2 Familjare

Please, contact the call center on 080040040 and they will inform you how to adjust channels through scanning and AutoSearch.