Frequently asked questions

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• Champions League
• Europa League
• Bundesliga
• Turkish Superleague
• Copa del Rey
• NBA, and
• EuroLeague.
Also, Kosovo's national channels offer certain local and international sports events.

The Kujtesa Platform includes over 190 information channels, entertainment channels, music channels, movie channels, documentary channels, sports channels, and adult channels.

All national and local Kosovo channels are broadcasted in HD. Additionally, all KSport sports channels are broadcasted in HD. In total 37 channels.

• Starter Pack - 10Mbps, HDTV and Sports Channels = 18.00 € per month,
while with a 1 year contract you pay 15.00 € per month.

• Xtra Pack - 20Mbps, HDTV and Sports Channels = 24.00 € per month,
while with a 1 year contract you pay € 18.00 per month.

• Elite Pack - 60Mbps, HDTV and Sports Channels = 30.00 € per month,
while with a 1 year contract you pay € 22.50 per month.

• For 10 Mbps - 10 Euro
• For 20 Mbps - 16 Euro
• For 60 Mbps - 18 Euro

• With the Starter pack you save 36 Euro
• With the Xtra pack you save 72 Euro
• With the Elite pack you save 90 Euro

• You must sign a 12-month contract, where you can make payments on a monthly or annual basis. Payments can be made at the point of sale or through a bank such as Pro Credit Bank, Raffieisen Bank, BKT, NLB, TEB, Economic Bank.

• At Kujtesa's offices
• Western Union
• Moneygram
• The Kosovo Postal Office

If you own any of the TEB Stardcard, BKT Prima or Raiffeisen Bank cards, you can make payments through them. Kujtesa has existing agreements with these banks. You will pay monthly without any additional interest or without any other bank charges. Other bank interest and expenses will be covered by Kujtesa.

• You may pay for Kujtesa services every month through direct debit from your bank account on the same day you signed the contract, each month. You authorize the bank holding your personal account to conduct monthly payments through automatic bank transfer by signing the appropriate form at a Kujtesa office when signing a service contract with the Kujtesa company. Kujtesa forwards the relevant documentation to the bank, including signed authorization, ID card and the personal account number.

• Advantages of direct debit include a better price, the chance to save 54 Euro a year, saving time and expenses by not having to visit the Kujtesa offices each month, and uninterrupted service for 12 months.

Yes. More than one TV set can connect to the Kujtesa platform. Featured bundles include connections to one and two TV sets. To connect three or more TV sets, please contact us.

• Kujtesa provides Internet services at speeds of 20 mbps, 40 mbps and 60 mbps. Wireless and free modem, as well as TV and sports channels are included in the price of an annual contract.
• Services for large businesses and dedicated optics are provided through specific packages according to your needs, including internet, television and fixed telephony services.
• Contact the business department for more information at 038 400 400 or by email at