Fixed Telephony

Kujtesa offers fixed telephony services through TelTel Biz, a dedicated telephone service for businesses. Besides traditional telephone services, we also offer: 0800 lines, VirtualPBX, and many additional functions, such as: Answering machine, VoiceMail, etc.
Calls within Kujtesa network throughout Kosovo are toll free. Other calls are at very affordable prices: Vala/Z-mobile - 5 cents, TiK, IPKO landline - 1 cent, EU, Switzerland, USA, etc. - 5 cents, etc.
Wireless or ordinary landline telephone set gets connected to your modem and provides Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and Phone Book services. A number of one of more than 100 countries can be forwarded to your number. Also, you have access to the list of calls and expenses on our website.
For more information, contact us at or +381 (0) 38 22 55 99 and get quick response to your inquiry.


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